Multiverse Series

In this group of paintings, I wish to summon up a world of images interacting with forces analogous to the “fabric of space” of modern physics. A space in which forms occupy, are imbedded in, a palpable spatial field. A porous and elastic “skin” that stretches and shrinks, warps, enfolds and opens out, in accordance with kinetic pressures. A space with a layered history, with torn gaps—rents glimpsed in the spatial fabric which disclose passing events and hidden locales. And perhaps unsuspected sightings of an “alternative universe.”

Images in this series bear similarity to those in much of my other work. Derived from organic and inorganic spheres, they range in scale from the micro-biological to the celestial. Their specific identity as objects or object-like entities are often, if not always, indeterminate. Their seeming solidity is contradicted by their transparency, and by their cross-over interactions with other shapes. Familiar forms may appear “hybridized” to be “as real as unreal can be.” I wish them to express a state in which everything appears to be happening at once. A kind of pandemonium cutting across boundaries in an impermanent world; a world in which only differing rates of change exist. Yet, beyond all this complexity, I hope that a buoyant, holding integration of overall form persists.