An experience I prize in art is the spell of the unfamiliar and enigmatic. A mystery and a puzzlement—not a problem to be solved. This, I believe, is achieved by going where I am taken, until an imagined reality in one of its many versions, yields proof of the rightness of my instincts in which one simply dwells. My art is primarily the product of such intuitions and not preset concepts. And whatever words I may use in describing it occur only after the fact of its completion, ever mindful of the indigence of language in such endeavors. Ultimately, art wordlessly inheres form within.

In general, my oil paintings and works on paper share a common set of features; a complex of abstract components and largely biomorphic images intermixing on different scales and degrees of imaginary description. What follows is a selection drawn from a much larger body of work.


The Multiverse

Manifold Trio

The Elsewhere

The Black & White